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Glass Skywalk Systems offers the most innovative structural glass package available, which includes a host of dynamic features that make our walkable skylights unmatched in the industry. Our triple-laminated glass assembly is engineered for passive redundancy with panels that are fabricated using three layers of low-iron, tempered glass with structural Saflex® DG or SentryGlas interlayers. Our structural glass delivers exceptional safety and design flexibility, with the top layer consisting of a safe, non-slip surface that allows light to filter into the space below.

To ensure superior performance, we are Glass Skylight Manufacturers in India with team best-in-class materials with innovative design features that together create the industry’s most advanced insulated-glass package. We start by incorporating Guardian Glass® high-quality, low-emissivity (low-E) coatings into our insulated-glass units. Low-E glass is formulated to reflect heat back to its source, so it helps your interior space stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Next, we boost thermal performance further with Quanex® Tri-Seal™ Super Spacer, a warm-edge spacer that virtually eliminates thermal conductivity at the edge of the IG unit.

To enhance the insulative properties of the entire glass assembly, we fill the air space between the layers with Argon or Krypton gas, with the option to choose from a double- or triple-insulated unit. We complete the glass package with a ceramic back-paint at the perimeter, which creates a crisp, clean view from above. By combining all of these innovative features into our insulated-glass package, we’re able to offer you walkable skylights, Glass houses that are unrivaled in safety, performance, and beauty.

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To assist you in designing the walkable skylights that will best meet your needs and exceed your expectations, we provide our comprehensive data, product support, and engineering expertise at every step, from design conceptualization to the final installation. Contact an Applications Specialist to learn more or to start designing a custom walkable skylight system.

Lamination is a critical component of Skywalk/walkable skylights and glass flooring.

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    Why SentryGlass

    The SentryGlass interlayer is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials. With this kind of strength the glass can be a more active structural element in the building envelope, opening up design possibilities that didn’t exist before. Besides its strength, SentryGlass ionoplast interlayer provides superior and lasting beauty. Glass Flooring Systems recommends SentryGlass to help architects and builders do more with less, creating innovative new spaces, while providing greater protection for the building occupants.

    Interlayer Design Options

    In addition to the structural inter layers, Glass Skylight Manufacturers in India with Glass Flooring Systems offers a number of design options for your inter layer choices. These options include digitally printed inter layers, decorative meshes or colored lamination

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