Glass House

Modern possibilities of using glass mean that the rooms can become brighter, warmer, optically larger and even safer. Glass houses work well as skyscrapers,
public buildings and single-family houses. The use of glass elements gives them great lightness, and their modern design can easily be adapted to the individual architectural
design. Glass houses are functionality, aesthetics, safety and closeness to nature. A glass house is ideal for people who are fed up with walled houses and value free space and
energy provided by the sun.

There are multiple applications for commercial greenhouses including coffee shops, greenhouses, restaurants, retirement homes, and garden centers. Each Dreamworks
greenhouse is customized to the business’s individual requirements. All sizes, shapes, materials, and work areas can be customized to virtually any request.

Type of glass

  • Tempered laminated glass
  • Tempered, laminated -insulated glass
  • Tempered, low-e glass
  • HS glass
  • Tempered-over-laminated, low-e,
  • argon-filled glass

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