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Structural Glazing system with glass panels comprising the façade and vertical mullions to resist wind loads and structural movements. The system allows for the complete building envelope to be a frame less facade. We are glass Glazing Canopy manufacturers in india Situated in India Delhi

This system has a wide range of custom applications whether incorporated to:

  • Glass facade to steel / concrete columns
  • Glass Facade to structural glass fins
  • Glass Facade to Tension Truss System
  • Roof glass to steel
  • Roof glass to tension truss
  • Canopy glass fixed to framing
  • Glass Balustrade

DREAMWORKS Structural Glazing, Canopy, Facade is a Generic Term given to a façade of the building that has been covered with any particular type of cladding material – GLASS. Initially, Glazing were adopted in the form of Windows for the envelope of the building for receiving natural light and to provide ventilation whenever required.

The subsequent architectural aspirations resulted in the development of Curtain Glazing – where the Glazing started getting anchored on the face of the building giving a continuous glazed façade. In the case of Curtain Glazing, the glass is required to be fixed on to the aluminium /steel/tension truss framework by means of Mechanical Fixing with External Pressure Plate and Cover Plate.

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    The architectural aspirations further expected elimination of the band of pressure plate and cover plate being seen from outside in the case of Curtain Glazing. This resulted in the development of Structural Glazing System where the glass is fixed on to the aluminium frame work by means of structural silicon, there by eliminating the externally visible Pressure Plate and Cover Plate band. The Structural Glazing initially was developed with all design and engineering aspects similar to Curtain Glazing with the complete framework of mullions and transoms added with a structurally glazed shutter framework fixed on to the main framework mechanically from the outside of the building. This modified Curtain Glazing System to Structural Glazing System was termed as STICK SYSTEM BASED STRUCTURAL GLAZING. The Curtain Glazing and the Stick System Based Structural Glazing are rigidly anchored to the Building Structure with limited capacity to cater to the building end movements. When the buildings in developed countries were taken up for high-rise structures, lot of engineering efforts were put in to design the structural load, dead load and live load and all material inputs were designed for light weight concept.

    Therefore, when the structures were designed with light weight material, excessive permissible design way and live load movements were expected, resulting in substantial building end movements in vertical as well as horizontal directions. This further demanded review of the façade glazing system, specially designed to cater to building end movements.

    When the buildings were designed high-rise, it was also not possible to carry out the anchoring of the glass to the glazing system from outside of the building. The subsequent research on these aspects further graduated the glazing system to Unitized System Based Structural Glazing. The system was thus developed with male-female combination of profiles with pressure equalization systems to substantially cater to all possible building end movements on the horizontal direction due to permissible design sway of the building as well as on the vertical direction on account of live load.

    Due to the constant high demands from Architects the structural system allows for freedom to create distinctive facades, roofs and canopies etc as demanded in this era. Contact us as we are best glass Glazing Canopy manufacturers in india.



    • Building Facades
    • Shopping Centers
    • Grandstands
    • Airports
    • Office Buildings
    • Car Showrooms
    • Colleges
    • Residential dwellings
    • Retail / Malls
    • High rise towers
    • Villas

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