Glass skylight

DWC Daylighting brings its world-renowned skylight daylighting expertise to glass skylights Systems.

Through the use of modern technology, automated design and manufacturing, a wide range of glass skylights can be detailed,ordered, fabricated and installed in a simple and orderly process.

The design is based on the latest skylight daylighting technology and incorporates system enhancements developed with the DWC Skylighting design team’s 7 years of combined skylighting experience. We are Glass Skylight Manufacturers in India

Whether the need is a large public space, hotel lobby, shopping center, canopy or office building, DWC can design and build a solution. Custom Atriums can utilize either glass,spider glass and solar panel skylight systems with an aluminum or steel superstructure. This selection of options provides for the maximum environmentally controlled space at a cost that fits the customers budget constraints and design intent.
Standard structure and truss designs permit clear-span widths in either free-standing or gutter-connected combinations and custom structural systems allow the space to take on an architectural character of its own.

Working with the building architect and consultants, the glass skylight can incorporate operable venting or be a sealed system, allowing the greatest flexibility to address the comfort needs of the people in the space.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic Dreamworks Consultants is Glass Skylight Manufacturers in India abd can integrate solar panels (BIPV Systems) into the design of the structure. These systems not only contribute to budget savings through electric generation, they show social consciousness and environmental awareness. As more projects incorporate sustainable materials and processes into their development, LEED certifications can lead to greater public acceptance and acknowledgement.


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    All DWC are designed with efficiency, durability and functionality in mind. The development of an Glass skylight has unique construction requirements that relate to the integration of a comfortable space along with the environmental requirements of growing plant material. A palette of building materials that fulfill the program needs of the project take into consideration structural framing in steel, aluminum with glass or solar glass materials. Final selection is made with the customer to make sure the selected materials are consistent with the design intent and sustainable.


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