Tensile Membrane Structure

DreamWorks has developed tensile fabric – tension membrane systems/structures with PVC coated polyester, PTFE coated glass and Silicon coated glass cloth as well as lycra and PVC coated glass fabric meshes for interior use. Our work as with Tensile Structures Manufacturer in India and we encompasses of advanced light weight building systems.

Tensile fabric is the most structurally efficient building system available today. It has an extremely wide scope for conceptualization of any architectural shapes and thus consultants are increasingly utilizing this system in their designs in order to achieve light weight, efficiency, aesthetics and economy.


  • Product Features:
  • High impact strength
  • Design freedom
    Food courts
  • UV resistance
    Stadium Airports
  • Easy clean
    Stadium Airports
  • Shorter assembly times
    Garden Umbrellas
  • Lightweight structure
    Car Parking’s
  • More durable
    Foot Over Bridges
  • Attractive appearance
    Schools & educational
  • Fire retardant
    Aircraft Hangers

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